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Finding a retailer near you

Genuine Veromia dresses are created by our own designers and produced in our manufacturing facilities. We deliver these custom garments to Authorised Retailers only. When purchasing a Veromia dress, please make sure the store is an Authorised Retailer. Check our Store Locator for a listing of all Authorised Retailers.

Buying online

Please be aware that Certified Veromia products are NOT sold online, except possibly as part of an end-of-season sample sale. To ensure you are purchasing an original Veromia dress please visit a shop listed using our Store Locator. Counterfeit websites may use our photographs or our registered name, but these are NOT Authorised Retailers, and purchasing from these internet sellers is a risk not worth taking.

Product pricing

Genulne Veromia styles are made with the highest quality materials and constructed by hand with tremendous attention to detail. Pricing from one retailer to the next may vary a little but should be largely consistent and if you find a shop or website offering a substantially lower price it is most likely a low quality counterfeit product that is being sold (though it could be an end of season or sample dress). If you suspect that a retailer is passing off counterfeit dresses as genuine Veromia ones, please inform us at style@veromia.co.uk

Make a difference

Counterfeit products are produced and sold with the intent to deceive consumers. The sale, purchase, and production of counterfeit goods is illegal in most countries and often shown to fund organized crime and terrorism. Knock-off products are often produced in sweatshops utilizing child labour. Join us in our efforts to diminish these practices by buying from our Authorised Retailers and by reporting fraudulent sellers to style@veromia.co.uk.